Our story

Welcome to a peek inside the life of one slightly crazy inner city Brisbane family as they pack up their house and hearts and follow their dream to become country South Australian farmers.

For many years we have talked and planned and dreamed of working the land, growing food, giving our children the space to have animals and adventures. In 2014, with a job loss blowing in the wind and itchy feet in our boots we decided life was to short to wonder ‘what if’ and decided to just do it.  Some would call it a tree change, some an ag change.  Some would call it romantic and enviable whilst others have made their opinion widely known that they believe us to be plain nuts! Which ever and what ever you want to call it – we’re doing it.

Whilst every farmer and his wife seems to be leaving the land and heading to town, this farmer and his wife are leaving town and heading to the land.  This is the new book, of our lives.

In Chapter One we follow a meandering scenic route from Queensland, to South Australia.  Via Europe!

I know right!! I absolutely promise you it’s totally legitimate to start a new book of your life with a six month cheese and wine study tour around England, Ireland, Italy and France. There’s going to be farms.  And a caravan.  And loads of other things to keep you entertained (see down there – that’s me practicing my packing ninja moves – which you’ll see a lot of!)

The farmer and his wife

Thanks for joining us on the ride as we pack up our house, pack our bags, sell our business, say au revoir to old friends, meet new ones, feel the fear and do it anyway.  Perhaps along the way we’ll work out what the hell we’re doing and give another family the courage to follow their dreams too – be they travel dreams or tree change dreams.

And if we don’t get it all figured out at least we’ll have this record of our stupidity to prove those nay sayers right.

The Wife x

4 thoughts on “Our story

  1. Have signed up to the blog. Only because I want to read about you visiting me in Belgium! Haha. Seriously, you know my heart is with you and blessings for a safe journey and much success with the farm and the blog.


  2. Yay! A blog I long to follow!!! Complete with favourite people, and Super action packing ninja! You should start a Kung fu equivalent of zen de-cluttering – it involves packing an entire house into a shipping container in 12 deft moves. Lots of chopping things into little pieces with the swift swipe of your merciless hand. Much much love, and looking forward to virtually travelling with you! xo


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