Operation Chuck it out Tuesday begins

I hate moving house…..

I’ve moved house a bit.  Certainly not my-husband-is-in-the-Army or we-have-to-move-again-to-avoid-cholera kind of moving house.  But there’s been enough moves to know I really, really don’t enjoy moving house.

As a Cancerian I hate the weeks of upheaval a house move brings.  I start out super prepared with the packing and then other things get in the way and the packing falls into chaotic box chucking at the last minute.  I hate not knowing where anything is despite elaborate sorting systems and lists and notes.  I hate that by virtue of the fact that you’re moving house you can’t move house anything earlier than the day you move house (just go with me on that one!).  I hate coming to the conclusion I’ve collected way more material stuff than I ever realised.  I hate throwing things away, particularly when the throwing is simply in order to get all the shit out of all the places in all of a hurry.  And then you can’t find your box of wedding keepsakes.  And I really hate that.  I especially hate unpacking at the other end and wondering why in Gods name five old toilet brushes, two garbage bags of unwearably clothes and three broken chairs now destined for the dump were carted from the old abode to the new.  Yet still the box of wedding keep sakes haven’t materialized.

This is how moving one suburb away made me feel.  Imagine for a moment just how breathless packing up our entire lives to move to the other end of the country is making me feel!

What I do love about moving however is the golden opportunity it presents to do a belongings down size.  And right about now I’m working on the premise that the bigger the move the more serious justification there is to get rid of every box and pile and item that has annoyed the crap out of me for the past 2 years.  Too small dining table – gone.  Short term emergency kerbside bunk beds picked up 4 years ago – gone.  Embarrassingly uncomfortable sofa bed used only as indoor gymnastics equipment – gone.

There’s still a lot of stuff.  And when I start trying to solve the Tetrus puzzle of getting all our belongings into a meager 20ft shipping container, my brain starts to go a little bit wobbly.  It’s clear we have a long way to go on the belonging minimisation front.

Enter Operation Tuesday Chuck Out.  Feel free to join the spectacle from the comfort of your cluttered lounge room, simply by following along on Instagram at the hash tag #tuesdaychuckout.

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