When in doubt fixate on something totally unimportant

This week I started to read a few blogs about effectively packing to travel with children for extended periods of time.  I read the words ‘packing cubes‘ and quick dry fabrics multiple times.  I hyperventilated.  I bookmarked a few sites that sounded vaguely like they’d be helpful.  Then turned my attention to more pressing matters.

What handbag I should take…..

Thinking about packing clothes and belongings for five people to suitably cover Queensland Winter (almost non-existent) to travel to South Australian Winter (cold but not Europe cold) English Summer, European Autumn, English Winter and back to South Australian Summer (scorching hot) across the genres of visiting classy friends, sight seeing AND working on farms, three months prior to departure.  Well that just seems like a job which should be shuffled under a whole lot of other more pressing matters.

As a handbag lover what better item to procrastinate over.  Don’t you think?!

I know.  Even i think I’m being ridiculous taking the thought process about a bag to this level.  But now my brain has firmly taken leave of itself and no amount of ignoring the bag conundrum will make it return.  I need to buy the bag and move on.

With a list of criteria that reads like, well something long, I’m having to bypass my usual Op Shop trawl and going new with this one.  The pressure is on!

  • Cross body bag for hands free convenience – i already know backpacks don’t work for me and my kids who seem to need access to something or another every 5 minutes.
  • Bonus points if it can be modified to be a shoulder bag
  • Multi-purpose – needs to be used for traveling, sightseeing and smart enough to take on nice outings
  • Big enough to fits passports, paperwork, kindle, small camera, wallet & a couple of water bottles but small enough to eliminate being everyone’s pack horse (somewhere between a lap top bag and a little pocket book)
  • Width not depth – I have a serial attraction to but deep dislike of deep bags where things fall to the bottom and all pile on top of each other.
  • Pockets on the side or front to keep tissues, keys and other little random things that need organising.
  • Zip or flap top for security
  • Fabric that will stand up to six months of hard wear, rough treatment, wet weather, dirt & grime
  • Priced to suit our austerity measures!

This little number seemed to get ticks in all the boxes.  Except for the small matter that I had to order it online so I have no idea if it actually looks good or not (yet another reason I hate shopping on line).  I’ll let you know in two weeks or so.

Now to move on with other more important items requiring my extensive procrastination skills.

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