Hello England old friend

UK arrival collage


After months of planning and excitement it seems almost surreal that we’re finally here in the UK.  Having lived here for some years it always feels like coming home and so familiar.  But also surprisingly different each time .

The flight was pretty non eventful, with everyone getting on and off when they should. Dubai was as busy and hot as we expected. The kids surpassed their personal best when it came to screen time, with about 15 continuous hours of movies and games on the plane. And nobody got any sleep except Peach, who had the distinct advantage of being able to stretch out on the seat!

So here we are in Shropshire.  It feels kind of weird being here because this wasn’t really part of our plan.

Just before leaving Adelaide a great looking car came up for sale in Shrewsbury, so at the very last minute we decided that’s where we’d go as our first port of call. When I say last minute I mean literally last minute, as in, whilst we were driving to the airport we booked an Air BnB room and a private car service – ah the wonder of the interwebs!

We broke the golden rule of international travel and allowed ourselves to nap in the car from Heathrow to Shropshire, which of course meant we were destined to still be away at midnight.  And still asleep at midday. Which filled in time if nothing else.

Today the girls and I are in a holding pattern in deepest darkest country Shropshire, doing all the entertaining things I packed in our bags for the plane (that I shouldn’t have bothered carting through 3 airports because really, there were screens) and patiently waiting to see if Wally returns with a car.  I have everything crossed that he does, because if our awesome lead ends in a lemon we’re kind of stuffed.  And a car would make it so much easier to avoid another night of crap fish and chips from the local chippy!

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