The apology I promised myself I’d never make

When I started throwing around the idea of blogging our travel and tree change adventures I promised myself I would never apologise for not posting, because my priority is enjoying my life not berating myself for failing to report on it.

Yet here I am apologising.  But not for not blogging, because I actually Gods honest truth have been writing posts, in between navigating, knitting and trying really hard not to kill the children fighting in the back of the car.  Rather I’m apologising that I’m about to give you a dump of about a month worth of updates.  There’s no pleasant way to say this.  Our internet access to date has been totally, completely, absolutely, unadulterated, pure crap.

But we’re in Sweden now and I can blog AND post and all is good in the world.

Enjoy the deluge!

One thought on “The apology I promised myself I’d never make

  1. Looking forward to the ‘deluge and ‘dumping’ posts!
    I will enjoy reading them whilst BF Miss Ivy at ungodly hours of the night!
    Loving the IG snaps and posts too.
    Safe travels x


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