And then there was a van….!

caravan collage

I introduce to you our Petite Chateaux á Roulette!

I can’t for the life of me imagine any other family on the planet who would derive so much excitement and pleasure from happening upon a  maelstrom of 1970s styling, put together in a 6m x 2.4m tin can on wheels.  She came to us the instant we gave up walking around a 2nd hand caravan lot in the pouring rain.  Because clearly there really is a God.

The velvet curtains. The gold braided pelmets. The carpet tiles. The beige vinyl. The timber laminate. The upholstery fabric. The mattress that folds out of the wall. The dinette that turns into our bed. The teeny tiny kitchen.  The features are almost endless.  Apart from the small matter of it being a very (very) small van and that’s pretty much where the features end.

No sooner had we driven out of Swindon than 1979 called asking for its caravan back.  No way.  She’s ours!  All ours.

She’s our la douce maison!

Edited:  After being occupants for just over a week, we have discovered any person taller than 5ft 6” is seriously disadvantaged by the compromised doorway proportions of Le Petite Chateaux. Wally is sporting a head covered in cuts, bruises and series of minor concussions.  My swear jar is just about full.  We’re now officially on the hunt for a beige or mission brown pool noodle, to compliment the décor whilst protect what little brain cells we have left.  Oh and the bed that folds out of the wall.  It fell off the wall the first night we used it, which was kind of.  Awkward.  Especially for the poor chump who was sleeping under it.  That chump being yours truly. Bring on the cushions.

But making tea every morning, in a saucepan, on a single gas burner, next to brown brown velvet curtains tends to make everything right in the world!

2 thoughts on “And then there was a van….!

  1. No I don’t! It’s something we’ve considered but I’m not too keen to purchase a $2,000 appliance and leave it in our not particularly secure van or cart it around in the back of the car!


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