Berlin get ready the Circus is on its way….


5th to 7th September

After much too-ing and fro-ing and weighing up of options and hyperventilating about being in the car for another week, we finally settled on a route we were happy with to get us from Stockholm to our next stop, Berlin.

I make it sound like there was an intense process of decision making here, when really there wasn’t.  The process was pretty much me sitting up until 2am, with multiple glasses of wine, tracing out every single route option in our map book then replicating it on Google Maps, costing it out and weighing up the time V’s budget V’s stress ratio.  In the morning Wally patiently listened to the options and said “what ever you think”.

I thought we should fly.  Apparently that wasn’t an option.

In the end I had the good sense to pick the route that only had us retracing our incoming journey as far as the Danish boarder.  From there we headed south and caught a ferry from Trelleborg in Sweden to Sassnitz in Germany early on Monday morning.

The girls were uncharacteristically subdued the entire trip, except the first night when we (again) spent the night camping outside the caravan park, only this time in the middle of a thunder storm with a group of gypsies for company.  That night they were a bit edgy.  Oh and the hour we spent at The Most Gigantic Ikea in the Entire World.  They were pretty pumped about that.  Though I have no clue why, given it was exactly the same as the other two Ikea’s they’ve been to.  Except about double the size.

Following a totally non eventful ferry crossing, lunch sitting in our caravan in the middle of a residential street in Sassnitz (is it just me or is there something really cool about saying Sassnitz?!) and a five hour meander along the autobahn we timed our arrival into Berlin to coincide perfectly with peak hour.  Just the time you want to be driving around in circles with a caravan behind you, navigating narrow streets with cars parked on both sides trying to find the hidden entrance gate to a caravan park.

Circus: 0  Europe: 0

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