Six months



Six months ago we were saying our final teary Queensland farewells, to one of my very best friends.  We were heading down the highway to our new life.  We were officially Nomads.

Six months later, we’ve said a final teary farewell to our little caravan. She’s been our home for the past five months and has risen to the challenge of traveling thousands of miles with us.  She has gone to live with Del and his wife and will see out her days with the odd weekend trip to Blackpool.  Finally the relaxing retirement she deserves! We are officially Nomads no longer.  We’re off to London and hopefully back to Sweden to experience a real winter. We’re on holidays.

In less than two weeks we will be back in Australia.  We are officially on the down hill slide to the next adventure.  And honestly we’re all kind of excited about that.

But right now I’m perplexed at how, in six months, I could completely wear out all six of the new pairs of Bonds undies I bought in Grafton but not even make a dent in the contents of the Satlz and Pfeffer we bought in Holland…..


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