Twenty years

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Twenty years ago today I picked up my backpack, kissed my mum and dad, got on a plane and flew to London to meet my best friend.

I planned to go for a few months.  See some sights, kiss some boys, drink some beer, buy some clothes. I  wasn’t planning to stay for three years.   I certainly wasn’t expecting them to be the three very best years of my life.

But by golly they were!

The best.

Except for the extra 10kg.  And the decidedly poor decision making when it came to haircuts.  And drinking blue alcoholic beverages.  And wearing flannelette boxer shorts in lieu of real actual shorts.  And falling asleep on the last tube to Cockfosters.  Actually the stupidities are too numerous to list…..

It feels like a hundred and twenty years ago.

But like yesterday too.


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