About us

I’m Elizabeth (the wife!).  I’ve been a city girl my entire life, except for a 12 month stint working as a nanny on a farm in the Cotswolds in England.  I could never quite get my head around wellington boots and those funky padded vests English country folk are so fond of and sincerely hope embracing such get up is not a prerequisite to being a suitable farmers wife!

Amongst other things I’m an introvert, which often surprises people who have known me more than five minutes (or after a few wines!). I’m a lover of red wine.  Former improv performer.  Frustrated (no longer practicing) crafter, painter & sewer.  I’m an average to poor housewife.  Former interior designer.  Teeny tiny small business owner.  Opinionated activist, lactivist, cloth nappy guru & crunchy mumma – minus the crunch.  I’m a lover of op shops.  And spend a significant portion of my day instructing small people with selective hearing to tidy up, pick up, hurry up or hush up.  I’m really, really (really) not fond of birds.  Up there in the header.  That’s as close as you’ll ever see me to a chicken.  Isn’t it amazing what fears photoshop can conquer!

The Farmer is my husband Wally.  Technically he isn’t actually a farmer…. in real life…..yet.  Our big move to South Australia is to have a red hot go at making his long held dream of working the land a reality.  When this guy puts his mind to something it blossoms into all kinds of greatness.  I see a whole lot of pumpkins, or chickens or dairy cows or grass blossoming in our future!

Other than being an all round awesome guy, he’s an extrovert of few words (someone has to be the strong silent type around here!).  Lover of road trips.  A mean pizza maker.  Exceptional fixer-upper-er of cars, houses, bikes, chicken sheds, pretty much anything really.  He is way better at reading maps, doing dishes and completing maths homework than me. He’s calm and sensible.  And he really likes chickens!

Our three girls are Pops (9), Pea (6) and Peach (3).  They are kind, funny, creative, intelligent, passionate and challenging in equal measure.  They are “real” kids with mismatched clothes, tangled hair, dirt under their finger nails, freckles on their noses and pebble collections under their pillows. They’re nervous about leaving the only home they’ve known but are rather enamored by the idea of having a menagerie of animals and being close to their Auntie & Uncle, cousins and Grandparents.  They’re completely convinced they will be spoiled rotten on a daily basis, like they are when the family circus comes to Brisbane (I’m not prepared to be the bearer of that disappointing news).  They also quite like the idea of living in a caravan for half a year, with a shower over the toilet and a table that transforms from school room to bedroom with the deft flick of a hinge and a subtle rearrangement of lounge cushions.  They’re struggling with the idea of their mum being their teacher whilst we’re away – after all I’m kinda lousy at my times tables.

The photos in our header image were taken as part of an award winning portrait by the awesome and extremely talented Tanya Love (this is not the actual portrait – the real thing is much better than this!).  If you want one for your very own, check out her work here!

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